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Little Tomato: Age of Tomatoes
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Test your reflexes and your ability to react in Little Tomato, a frantic and addictive game in which friendly but annoying tomatoes have come to life and they are continuously jumping without stopping. To win you have to squash them quickly, but be vigilant as not all the characters are as innocent as they seem.

Follow Little Tomato through 12 different worlds with brilliant graphics that will challenge the most skilled players, reach the last level, get the highest score and put an end to this wild journey.

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Little Tomato World 1
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Little Tomato World 2
  • Little Tomato
    Little Tomato
  • Frozen Tomato
    Frozen Tomato
  • Golden Tomato
    Golden Tomato
  • Bad Tomato
    Bad Tomato
  • Pocho Tomato
    Pocho Tomato
  • Killer Tomato Plant
    Carnivorous Plant
Little Tomato Age of Tomatoes


A small spaceship with a very special cargo of tomatoes from interstellar colonies is traveling across the galaxy towards the Earth, but during its journey it stumbles upon a huge time-warp and it's swallowed with all its cargo.

Thus begins an adventure through time and space.


Little Tomato: Age of Tomatoes
Little Tomato Background
Little Tomato: Tomato Frito
Little Tomato: Soccer Team
Little tomato: T-Shirt
Little Tomato: Characters
Little Tomato: Android Game
Little Tomato
Little Tomato: Angry Tomato
Little Tomato: Pocho Tomato
Little Tomato: Frozen Tomato
Little Tomato: Killer Tomato Plant
Little Tomato: Jurasic Tomato
Little Tomato: Troglodite Tomato
Little Tomato: Tutanktomatum
Little Tomato: Medieval Tomato
Little Tomato: Captain tomato
Little Tomato: Nemo Tomato
Little Tomato: Sir Little Tomato
Little Tomato: Billy Tomato
Little Tomato: Capone Tomato
Little Tomato: Urban Tomato
Little Tomato: Future Tomato
Space Tomato


PITA GAMES is a young dynamic company based in Andalusia, in the city of Almería (Spain). Our work consists in developing entertaining quality games aimed at all audiences. The team is currently formed by four friends with a common goal: enjoy what we are doing.

    Miguel Hernández Programmer, Game design
    Alfonso Tejedor Moreno Programmer, Game design
    Andrés R. Rojas Programmer, Game design, Music
    Andrés HurtadoArt Direction, Game design


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Pita Games would like to thank all those people that contributed to the development and expansion of "Little Tomato: Age of Tomatoes"